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Toto Toilets - 80 years of proven technology and luxury.

Toto has manufactured fixtures for over 80 years.  The attention to detail, like using professionally trained personnel to inspect every product before it is shipped, it just one of the reasons Toto fixtures are so reliable.  Toto makes practically everything you need for your bathroom and kitchen.  While their specialty is toilets, they also make bidets, faucets, sinks, air baths, and accessories.

Toto has created a line of suites that takes the guesswork out of your bathroom remodeling.  Your bathroom is sure to become the luxurious bathroom you’ve dreamed about with every one of these nine Toto suites.

When it comes to toilets, Toto is the expert.  Toto is the most innovative manufacturer of toilets as well as specially designed toilet covers.  The Toto Washlet is cover specifically designed to ensure the best in personal hygiene.  The Neorest is the first of it’s kind, a tankless design with a sophisticated, sleek design. 

SanaGloss is another feature that keeps your toilet sanitary.  It’s a non-porous surface that stops particles from adhering to the ceramic.  With innovations like these, it’s no wonder that Toto is an industry leader.

toto toilet

Visit the Toto website to learn about their fixtures.
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