See the hand carved beauty of Stone Forest

Stone Forest sinks are unlike any you’ve ever seen.   Each sink is made of hand carved granite that looks more like sculptures than sinks.  Stone Forest combines the elegant simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design to make these extraordinary bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Each piece is hand carved using hammer and chisel that leaves the integrity of the stone intact.  Stone Forest sinks are available in vessel, vanities, farmhouse, and prep sink. The vessel sinks are the most popular and made as a natural vessel or a stone vessel sink.  The stone vessels are rounded at the bottom so they have the shape of a traditional sink.  The natural vessel sinks are left with part of the natural shape of the stone left intact.

Stone Forest is the only stone manufacturer that produces of all of their designs.  They personally inspect every stone sink and guarantee all of their work to be the finest carving available in North America.  

stone forest sink

Visit the Stone Forest to see the unique beauty of these stone sinks.
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