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Brighten up your bathroom and kitchen with the beautiful colors of Porcher

Porcher is the premium line from American Standard.  The leading designers in the industry have made artistic sinks, faucets, accessories, toilets, bidets, tubs and bathroom furniture. These unique fixtures and products allow you to create a new bathroom which you’ll appreciate every morning you wake up. 

The colors of Porcher products are different that any other manufacturer.   Rhapsody Blue, Loganberry, Cobalt Blue, and Daydream are just a few of the colors you can choose from.  Porcher also uses several kinds of finishes such as polished metal, and a brand new glaze that gives their sinks a stone look.

There are three distinct Porcher product lines for you to choose from.  The Classique line is sophisticated, nostalgic and yet still contemporary.  The Traditional design offers a simple, classic look. The European collection is warm, colorful and luxurious.  All three of these Porcher lines also feature unique product lines within.

Every Porcher fixture is made with the same time-tested quality as all American Standard products.

porcher toilet

Learn more about Porcher at their website.
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