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The beauty of stainless steel in a faucet - KWC

KWC faucets have been a favorite of homeowners for decades.  The sleek, modern design works great in any kitchen or bath.  Proven technology along with the best stainless steel ensure KWC faucets are dependable to work properly for years to come.

Protecting the environment is very important to the manufacturers of KWC fixtures.  They take a proactive role in protecting the environment by ensuring every step is safe from development to waste disposal.  This is one of many reasons why buying KWC fixtures make good sense.

KWC faucets are designed with two things in mind – aesthetics and functionality.  Their faucets are elegant and classic looking.   KWC faucets are made only with the high-grade stainless steel and rigorously tested for quality and dependability.  KWC also manufactures stainless steel sinks that carry the same beauty and quality as their faucets.

KWC faucet

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