See the spectacular beauty of glass in the colors of Decolav

If you aren’t familiar with Decolav sinks, then it’s time to get acquainted.  Decolav is new company, they started in 2000, and they are catching up in a hurry to their competition.  Their goal has been to take expensive sinks only a few could once afford,  then manufacturer them in a way that everyone could afford and still retain their special beauty.

Decolav’s specialty is glass sinks and they look like no other.  They’ve integrated solid design with truly stunning colors that will change the way your bathroom looks forever.  Decolav has an amazing amount of colors to choose from such as green, amber, violet, blue, white, copper, crystal, metallic silver, and cobalt.  You’re sure to find a galss sink to fit your tastes.  If a glass sink is not your style, Decolav makes stainless steel, virtreous china, ceramic sinks.

When you choose a Decolav, you’re buying more than just a new fixture.  You’re picking carefully designed, artistic fixture.  A sink which will become the centerpiece of you kitchen or bathroom for years.  Decolav sinks are not only attractive, they’re sturdy and reliable.  You may be surprised how sturdy a glass sink can be.  It’s virtually impossible to crack, chip, or damage a Decolav sink. 

decolav sink

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