The beauty of Brizo backed with the reliablity of Delta.

If you want elegance and artistic beauty, a Brizo faucet is just what you’re looking for.  These luxurious faucets are the premium line from Delta, so they’re backed with the reliability of one of the top brand names in plumbing.  Brizo faucets offer a unique style because they’re designed by professional artists.  

Brizo faucets are created with a finish made by Delta.  This finish, called Brilliance, ensures an incredible finish that holds up to every day use.  You’ll never have to worry about your Brizo faucet tarnishing and discoloring.  Brilliance is guaranteed to resist against abrasion from cleaning scouring, and everyday use.

Brizo faucets are divided into their own Collections.  The Trevi kitchen faucet is very modern and comes in a variety of finishes.  The Williamsburg Classic is a mix of the traditional and the modern.  With over a dozen options, there’s a Brizo Collection to fit any taste.

Brizo continues to be an innovator in developing new technology.  The latest is a hands-free electronic kitchen faucet.  The faucet can be turned on and off by tapping or by placing your hands under the spout.  It conserves water and is more sanitary then other faucets.

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