Enjoy artistic style combined with precious metal - Bates and Bates Sinks.

Bates and Bates offers a selection of stunning sinks made of sculptured metal, natural stone, ceramic, and stainless steel.  Bates and Bates bathroom and kitchen sinks are made with the highest quality craftsmanship and dedication to performance and beauty.

The ceramic sinks offer many colors, patterns, and styles.  Each is hand-finished making these sinks truly unique.  A Bates and Bates metal sink will become the artistic focus of the room.  Whether you choose brass, copper, or silver nickel, you’ll enjoy the beauty of these sinks for years to come. 

Bates and Bates natural stone sinks are reliable and strand up over time to the wear and tear of every day use.   Hand polished stone enhances the elegance of the natural stone.  The classic stainless steel sinks are made from 16-gauge steel for strength and durability. 

bates sink

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